Homebrew Races


Majrerka is actually a term for 3 individual races, with 2 of them existing on Naggaroth. They are a secluded race, but they occasionally come from their coastal caves and their jungle groves to see the world.

Bhula, Bachrse, and Bhali:

Bhula (pronounced boo-LA) are the most expansive of the Majrerka. They are gray-skinned, wrinkly beings with no hair. Bhula stand a little under 4 feet in height. Strapping with muscle and with eyes like a chameleon, they are odd beings. They have multiple vocal cords(making their necks as thick as their body), each of them representing a different caste of society.
Each caste has it’s own voice due to the ranking of authority, the lower pitches belonging to the more important castes. The castes were organized as follows, with the beginning caste being the least important, and the last caste being the most important:
Farmer, Laborer, Overseer, Cartographers, Scribes of Records, Scribes of Rituals, Guardians, Royal Agents, and Royalty, with the king, being of pure royal blood, having an extra wind pipe for the deepest pitch of them all, and the loudest, able to explode human eardrums with one horrible bellow (although many a Bhula could do such a thing, just not with zero effort involved as the king could). Bhulas are able to withstand this bedlam though due to special hearing capabilities, able to notice the slightest sounds and bear the loudest.
Bhali and Bachrse are to the far North (out of Naggaroth) and the far East (within Naggaroth), respectively, and are characterized by fur color and shell plating patterns, respectively. Bhali can bear any weather and thermal effect, and Bachrse can survive any blade, axe, or arrow with their nigh-indestructible shells.
Bachrse have black, side-facing eyes with large bony brows above them. Bachrse usually have blue, teal, or bluish-steel colored skin.



Bhula are medium creatures with a base land speed of 40 feet. They have the following statistic bonuses: Strength + 2, Charisma and Intelligence – 2. Bhula have a racial + 8 bouns to listen checks, and are immune to mind-affecting effects and other things, like Illusions, that have to do with hearing something. Also, a Bhula can, once/day, emit a horrid roar that deals (1/2 HD (round up)+ Constitution modifier d6) damage to all within 600 feet who can hear.
Bhula have a Level Adjustment of +1


Bachrse are an exceptionally hardy race, but slow. Their base land speed is 20 ft, and they are medium creatures. They are also, much like Dwarves, not slowed by wearing armor or carrying loads. They gain + 2 Constitution and -2 Dexterity. They also gain a +8 to natural armor and DR 3/ Adamantine.
Bachrse have a level adjustment of +3

Homebrew Races

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