Dawn of the World: The Ancient Dragonflight

The Beginning of the End

In the start of the session, Ezio and Darral of Jarhak were in Vos. Saul instructed us to meet in the city of Vos to invistigate this new Draconic threat. Saul told us to leave to go to Bright Cloud City. We met with Dolgahnd as we were leaving, who was attempting to buy the egg that Ezio had found several days beforehand and had kept. Saul knew of this Dolgahnd, and drove him off, telling the heroes of the Dragonflight and Dolgahnd’s role. Saul instructed us to take the egg to Arwin’s Gourd, an inn in Zopelp, a Gnomish town, to seek out Gurburin, a knowledgable Gnomish Wizard, so that he could tell exactly what kind of dragon was in the egg, and how it would act once hatched.

When we found Gurburin, he told us right away that we were holding a dangerous item. A prismatic dragon egg, Ger’s first son. Gurburin says that Ger must have let it free so that it may help the world on it’s own duty. Gurburin then attempted to grab the egg, and a large battle was fought, ending with Gurburin’s death and the gaining of a new ally, a tiefling wizard.

We then investigated Gurburin’s home, finding a trap door. We went through a trap filled corridor and a few rooms to find the ultimate chamber. Gurburin had documented every spell within 8 different spell books and also had a ring that the PCs are still attempting to discover the true nature of.


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