The Idea.

I will be setting the scene with the dawn of Men and the growth of Dwarves, Elves, and other races. This will be a story-based campaign, although with plenty of killing, where the players do not feel powerless, but undoubtedly feel small compared to the grand scheme of the creation of the material plane. I will be DMing a normally aged campaign, but if you are human, expect to be mistreated. Human culture is a speck in the wind, and other cultures are massive monsters, continually fighting for dominance. This is how Humans became so versatile. Elves and Dwarves are having their ancient wars to own the world, bloody battles taking thousands of lives. Gnomes and Halflings are still building villages and towns and hamlets, and Humans are nomads, just recently crawling out of their caves to see the daylight of this new age and this new world. Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, all of the monstrous races are just as new as humans, and the older races, except the kind hearted folk of the fields, Gnomes and Halflings, spit on these new flies buzzing around their rageful heads.

I will not allow Draconic races to be played, as they are the most ancient of all, and I will not allow Kobolds, as they are more ancient than Elves or Dwarves. Also, Wizardry is a scarce art known only to Elves and Gnomes, and only they can be of the Wizard class.

I am basing this as a campaign about the event known to all as the “Ancient Dragonflight”, where all of the worldwide dragons seemingly rose from their Eons of slumber and wreaked destruction on the world. Even the Metallic ones! They are all angry at these new creatures, and they even consider Elves and Dwarves young gnats, and whole villages have been destroyed in minutes by these rampaging dragons. This is a 12th level campaign.

The main point is that you are all experienced heroic figures of your medium sized City area, Vos, and you have found a dragon egg… one man you have just met, by the name of Dolgahnd, shows a special interest in it, and wants to buy it from you… and start campaign!

Dawn of the World: The Ancient Dragonflight

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